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Welcome to CloudYachts’ NFT Universe – the intersection of cutting-edge technology, artistry, and luxury yachting. As pioneers in the metaverse, we’ve collaborated with the most distinguished superyacht designers, such as Bannenberg & Rowell, Gregory C. Marshall, David Weiss, and Marco Casali, to curate an unparalleled NFT art collection.

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital assets imbued with digital identifiers that ensure their singularity and inimitability. Secured on a blockchain, these tokens certify the authenticity and ownership of a specific digital asset, offering an innovative approach to art and asset ownership in the digital era.

CloudYachts was conceptualized in the tech haven of Silicon Valley by our visionary founder, Zach Mandelstein. As the premier digital yacht dealer within the metaverse, we stand at the forefront of this exciting convergence of luxury yachting and digital art. Our mission extends beyond mere participation in this evolving digital economy. We’re invested in leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize transactions and re-imagine the new-build experience, thereby offering unparalleled value to our clients.

Each NFT collection has a unique set of utility.  Make sure you ask to make sure you know what utility that your NFT unlocks. Most collections have a base set of utility access and some have more enhanced NFTutility.  If you have questions, contact us.

As a CloudYachts NFT owner, you gain VIP access to an exclusive realm of experiences within the superyacht community. From premier yacht shows to exclusive superyacht soirees, your NFT serves as your key to a world of unparalleled luxury experiences. Our SuperYachtNFT drop even offers the unique opportunity to live the dream superyacht experience, thereby blurring the lines between the virtual and the physical. Learn more and explore the limitless potential of NFTs with CloudYachts. Embrace the future of yachting today.

Dive into the world of NFTs and discover a new level of ownership and access. Each of our NFTs is a unique key that unlocks the door to a tangible luxury experience.

An Exclusive Superyacht Community

When you buy a Cloud Yachts NFT, you’re not simply buying a product or a provably-rare piece of art. You are gaining membership access to the yachting network whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your NFT can serve as your digital identity, and open digital doors for you.

Do You Want To Cruise On A SuperYacht?

If you hold one of the unique NFTs in this collection you can come to Miami to cruise with us on one of our Wednesday SuperYachtNFT outings.

Introducing the exclusive SuperYachtNFT drop – a unique, limited edition asset that transforms your yachting experience. Once you secure one of these precious NFTs, you unlock the doors to an unparalleled four-hour networking mastermind aboard a magnificent superyacht. Mingle with like-minded individuals, share ideas and form connections in the luxurious backdrop of the open seas.

What sets this NFT apart is its accessibility. We understand that the world of cryptocurrency can seem daunting to some, which is why we’ve made it easier for you to join this exclusive club. Now, you can secure your SuperYachtNFT pass with a credit card, ensuring that this unique experience is within everyone’s reach.

But remember, these NFTs are not just exclusive, they are limited. Act fast to secure your pass at an early adopter price. Seize this unique opportunity to merge the physical and digital worlds, and step aboard for a memorable networking experience unlike any other. With the SuperYachtNFT, it’s not just about owning a piece of digital art; it’s about owning an experience, a memory, and an entry into an elite community.

Exclusive Early Adopter Offer: $350 for the first 200 units sold!
Credit Card or CryptoCurrency Accepted


Welcome to CloudYachts’ Exclusive NFT Collection – a unique digital art gallery, where the world’s top superyacht designers have brilliantly brought together their creativity and expertise. Each NFT in this collection is not just an exceptional piece of digital art, but also a key to an array of utility benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.
Each NFT here is your personal passport to the extraordinary. With one of these, you hold the possibility that your NFT could serve as the foundational design for real-life superyachts, a fusion of art and reality that is as groundbreaking as it is inspiring. This is more than art. This is a new kind of asset, a new way to experience the world of yachting, a statement of your visionary outlook. So, whether you’re an avid collector or a luxury maritime enthusiast, immerse yourself in this revolutionary experience.
Follow CloudYachts and our NFTs to stay updated on our collections and witness as these digital masterpieces evolve into the next generation of superyachts. Join us in this exciting adventure where we chart the future course of yachting. Hold onto these NFTs, and hold onto the future.

Bannenberg & Rowell

Gregory Marshall

Casalli Freedom Collection

Casali Miami Collection

J. David Weiss

Martin Ducam


You now own the design, how can it be used?

Be as creative as you want with how you commercialize your Cloud NFT : Our NFTs come with commercialization rights. Either in the metaverse or in real life.

From virtual yacht parties to creating clothing, you own full commercial rights to your NFT.

* Please note for legal and liability reasons Cloud Yachts NFT holders may NOT sell your NFT for the purpose of building a yacht. For more information or specific questions please email

What About NFT Utility?

NFT Utility, in the simplest of terms, refers to the functional value or practical use an NFT holder gains from their token. In the evolving world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), utility is often what distinguishes one NFT from another and, crucially, what can make an NFT more desirable and valuable. However, the stark reality is that many NFTs as of today possess little to no utility – they are mere digital art pieces, their value derived from their uniqueness and rarity.

Enter CloudYachts – we’re at the vanguard of the NFT utility revolution. CloudYachts’ NFTs aren’t just mere digital collectibles; they are your golden ticket to the enigmatic superyacht lifestyle, usually the reserve of the elite few. As a CloudYachts NFT holder, you aren’t just acquiring digital art – you’re securing a slice of an experience hitherto only dreamt of by many.

Your CloudYachts NFT can unlock access to prestigious boat shows, allowing you to rub shoulders with the high and mighty of the yachting world. Or perhaps, you’re a holder of one of our special NFTs that provides entry to our exclusive Wednesday superyacht cruises. Imagine setting sail on a magnificent superyacht, the cool sea breeze in your hair and the glimmering water around you, as you network with other NFT holders and immerse in the luxury of the superyacht lifestyle.

CloudYachts is ahead of the curve because we understand that true value lies not just in ownership, but in the experiences ownership can provide. We encourage you to explore the utility of your CloudYachts NFT – know what doors it opens for you and what experiences it brings to your fingertips. If you have any questions or need clarity, our team is always ready to assist. The world of NFT utility is vast and exciting – welcome aboard!

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