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Unveiling Brilliance: CloudYachts meets World-Class Superyacht Designers

At CloudYachts, our aim is to blend the tangible opulence of luxury yachting with the exciting potentials of digital ownership. To accomplish this, we’ve taken strides beyond the conventional. We are not partnering with novice designers; instead, we’re aligning with the virtuosos of superyacht design.

The masterminds behind the stunning visuals of our NFTs are not just any artists. They are the world’s premier superyacht designers, the creative geniuses who have penned some of the most extraordinary superyachts and megayachts that grace our oceans today. Their unparalleled expertise, combined with our forward-thinking approach, creates a unique synergy that brings exceptional value to every CloudYachts asset.

We invite you to delve into the backgrounds of these talented individuals below. Each bio reveals a story of innovation, dedication, and a profound passion for creating seafaring marvels.

Owning a CloudYachts asset is more than just a digital acquisition. It represents a statement of refined taste, an appreciation for exceptional design, and an investment into the innovative spirit of luxury yachting. As you explore, remember – when you acquire an asset from CloudYachts, you’re not just buying an NFT, you’re investing in an artistic legacy shaped by the world’s best superyacht designers.


Bannenberg & Rowell

Dickie Bannenberg is the founder along with Simon Rowell, of the design studio Bannenberg Rowell. The studio, headquartered in London, creates bespoke design for private clients, luxury yachts, residential projects, aircraft interiors and custom furniture.
Bannenberg is the son of the late Jon Bannenberg, the man who is credited with being the founder of modern yacht design in the 1960s. Dickie worked alongside his father for 18 years, during which time he was project manager for wide-ranging yachts such as Talitha, Thunder and Siran. Dickie authored and produced an exquisite commemorative book on his father, entitled, Jon Bannenberg, A Life of Design.
The Bannenberg Rowell design portfolio is one, no doubt, his father would be proud of. The studio has won numerous awards for its designs, recently winning a top award for exterior design of the 230-foot (70 meter) Feadship Joy. Dickie has a notoriously funny and dry sense of humor.

Gregory Marshall

Having designed some of the world’s finest megayachts, yacht design firm Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd. has built a reputation as one of the top naval architecture firms in the world. For more than 35 years, founder Greg Marshall and his business partner, naval architect Gordon Galbraith, have designed ever-larger megayachts, and a commercial craft for a wide variety of clientele. As with any life-long dream, it started early with Greg.
Greg’s father, Victoria architect Donovan Marshall, recognized his son’s obsession and introduced him to Bill Garden, the famed yacht designer. Garden asked the 15-year-old Greg to sketch a yacht for a customer. Greg made batches of drawings and when the opportunity presented itself, Garden offered him a few weeks of drafting work after High School. In 6 years under the tutelage of Bill Garden, Greg amassed the skills and practical approach to yacht design that has served him to this day.

Marco Casali

Marco Casali is the founder of TOO-DESIGN, an architecture and yacht design studio based in Rome. After completing a degree in architecture and gaining experience with an in-house design team, his interest brought him back to the sea, and he spent six years collaborating with important design officies on projects for Ferretti, Bertram and CRN.
In 2004 Casali established his own studio to consolidate his experience in luxury home design with his passion for yacht design, and since then the company has been responsible for the exterior and interior design of the Itama brand, part of the Ferretti Group. Other production yacht projects have been developed for Bavaria, Nix catamarans, ZL RIBs and others, totaling over 300 yachts cruising today.
Since 2010 the studio has worked on larger custom projects from 30m to 110m for shipyards such as Benetti, ISA Yachts and Fincantieri. The studio is still involved in luxury interiors and product design, combining the experiences of different worlds into a common creative process. Follow Marco on his Instagram Page

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