MEGAYACHTNEWS: Cloud Yachts Offering NFT Superyachts

This article was featured in on February 11, 2022 and was written by Diane M. Byrne

Cloud Yachts, which may very well be the first metaverse-based yacht dealer, is collaborating with some of the leading superyacht designers to release NFT art collections. You can acquire one of these NFTs, in fact, starting next week.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It’s a one-of-a-kind digital asset with verified ownership rights. It therefore cannot be copied, divided up, or otherwise altered. Essentially anything, from an autograph to music, can be turned into an NFT, with much of the current buzz pertaining to digital art. Additionally, as with anything highly collectible, values rise dramatically depending on the rarity. In December, for instance, the Metaflower megayacht NFT sold for Ethereum cryptocurrency worth $650,000 in paper money.

As for Cloud Yachts, the founder is Zach Mandelstein, who previously was a real-world broker with MarineMax. He established Cloud Yachts in 2000 in Silicon Valley, as what he believes is the first digital yacht dealer. His company has strategic partnerships with yacht companies like Denison Yachting and Informa Markets (organizer of the Miami Yacht Show, FLIBS, and the Monaco Yacht Show, among others). Additionally, it has partnered with Alex Jimenez, a.k.a. The Yacht Guy, a social-media influencer on Instagram.

“We’re aware of the short-term NFT craze, so we’ve set our sights on the long-term utility that this blockchain technology offers,” Mandelstein says. To that point, Cloud Yachts is “months away” from organizing metaverse-based meetings, using augmented reality, with clients to design yachts.

The company has a total of 125 NFTs up for sale during the Miami Yacht Show, February 16 to 20. Specifically, the NFT artworks are superyacht designs by Bannenberg & Rowell, Gregory C. Marshall, David Weiss, and Marco Casali, among others. Furthermore, Marshall and Cloud Yachts are offering a new-build megayacht for purchase as an NFT. The yacht is a 207-footer (63-meter). The value at press time is 30,148 ETH (Ethereum), the equivalent of $95 million. Mandelstein says the buyer will be able to customize the yacht via above-mentioned metaverse meetings. Regardless, Cloud Yachts NFT buyers receive access to exclusive superyacht events, including shows and parties.

“Whether it’s by facilitating transactions, revolutionizing the new-build experience, or something we haven’t yet imagined, we’re enthusiastic to participate in this virtual economy,” he adds.

The pre-sale for the Cloud Yachts NFTs starts on February 14.

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