Finance Your Dream Yacht with CloudYachts and Newcoast: The Ocean Awaits

In a move to redefine luxury and adventure, CloudYachts has forged an exclusive partnership with Newcoast, a name synonymous with unrivaled loan and insurance services. Together, we are charting new horizons and bringing you closer to your dream yacht.

Boat Loans: Your Voyage Begins Here

The road to owning a yacht is one less traveled, and Newcoast is your compass. Kelly N. Corpodian, our Executive Finance Specialist, customized luxury lending options to guide you through the maze of boat loans. Her expertise ensures flexibility, competitive rates, and decisions faster than the wind can fill your sails.

Yacht Loans: A New Level of Elegance

With decades of expertise in yacht financing, Newcoast is your first mate in this grand adventure. Our network of top-tier lenders guarantees the best rates for both seasoned mariners and those setting sail for the first time.

Used Boats: A Treasure Trove of Possibilities

Your dream vessel need not be new; it needs to be perfect for you. Newcoast offers a myriad of options for purchasing used boats that retain quality and grandeur.

Refinancing: Smoother Seas Ahead

Already own a boat? Refinancing with Newcoast could navigate you to more favorable shores, offering lower interest loans or more suitable terms.

The Newcoast Advantage: A Beacon of Trust

Our commitment to excellence manifests in every facet of our services:

  • Quick Approvals: Your adventure won’t wait, and neither will we.
  • Competitive Rates: Best in the industry, tailored for you.
  • Terms up to 25 Years: Flexibility to match your needs.
  • Unsurpassed Maritime Industry Knowledge: Decades of wisdom at your disposal.
  • Insurance: Broad, comprehensive, and customizable coverage.
  • Extended Service Packages: Relax, know your investment is protected.

Your Journey, Your Terms

  • Loans up to $50,000: Typically,15 years.
  • Loans above $50,000: Up to 20 years, with unique opportunities.
  • Down Payment: Usually 10%, or 15-20% for loans over $150,000.
  • Finance Options also include Corporate Ownership, Trusts, Charter, and Foreign Funding

The Newcoast Difference: Where Dreams Set Sail

At Newcoast, your passion becomes our mission. We are more than a loan provider; we are your crew in this exciting journey, offering personalized services and relentless dedication not only for your yacht, but for aircraft, RVs and exotic cars too.

A New Dawn with CloudYachts and Newcoast

With the sea calling and endless adventures awaiting, trust CloudYachts and Newcoast to steer you towards your dream. This collaboration embodies innovation, luxury, and a dedication to turning dreams into reality.

Your next voyage is on the horizon. Come sail away with us. The ocean awaits.

In collaborating with Newcoast, CloudYachts has made a decisive stride toward a future filled with possibility, elegance, and innovation. It’s not just about financing a yacht; it’s about shaping dreams and offering an experience that’s both transformative and exceptional.

Here’s to our shared vision and the many horizons we’ll explore together. Let’s think different, let’s sail different. Welcome aboard.


Kelly N. Corpodian
Finance Specialist – Yacht | RV | Aviation
Office: (727)-265-3833

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