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Envision Luxury, Embrace Innovation

Navigate Your Nautical Aspirations with CloudYachts, The New Dawn of Yacht Brokerage. We Are The World’s First Web3 Yacht Brokerage!

H O N O R E D     T O     B E     H I G H L I G H T E D     B Y

Your Voyage into the Future Begins Here

Welcome to CloudYachts, the pioneering force behind the world’s first Web3 luxury yacht brokerage. Bridging the timeless allure of the sea with the endless possibilities of blockchain, we expertly curate, sell, and charter both tokenized and real-life SuperYachts. Embrace the future of luxury yachting – we proudly accept BTC, ETH, XRP, and more.

As seen in Forbes Magazine!

Pioneering Luxury Yachting with NFTs

Featured in Forbes Magazine, we made waves by launching the world’s first tokenized superyacht. Our vision transcends traditional boundaries of yachting and enters a realm of unprecedented access and ownership, powered by NFT technology.

 The Future of Tokenized Experiences is Here – Your Unique Key to Your Luxury Voyage

As a #CloudYachtsFamily member, you can experience the cutting-edge concept of NFTs. Each NFT is a unique passport to an unforgettable real-world luxury experience aboard a super yacht. Owners of this NFT will receive a 4 hour Super Yacht cruise, along with other SuperYachtNFT holders, departing from Miami Beach.

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Our team, a constellation of marine industry experts, including seasoned captains and engineers, stands at the helm of CloudYachts. It is their vast knowledge and our straightforward, no-nonsense approach that make us the trusted partner for all your luxury yachting needs. Honoring our commitments to clients and fellow brokers, we provide honest, specialist, and unbiased advice. The result? An extraordinarily high rate of repeat business and a growing #CloudYachtsFamily.

Learn About The







Designer Collections

The Future of Luxury is Here – Experience the Fusion of Tradition & Technology. CloudYachts NFTs are made by the worlds best SuperYacht Designers.

Web3 and NFTs have revolutionized our digital interactions, forming a new ecosystem where ownership, privacy, and value take on exciting dimensions. Imagine it as a digital ocean, with each NFT being a unique vessel navigating this vast, interconnected sea. Now, what if we bring this concept into the real world? That’s where CloudYachts comes in

Bannenberg & Rowell
Marco Casali Freedom Collection
J.David Weiss
Martin Ducam
Marco Casali Vador Collection

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